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Thoot Decay Treatment

Tooth decay treatment



How can the appearance of cavities be prevented?

Perfect control of dental plaque through regular and effective cleaning as taught by the health professional, using the necessary hygiene means prescribed by the dentist and individualized for each case (toothbrush, dental floss brush etc .) ; A balanced diet, without unhealthy habits such as snacking; Regular monitoring, at least twice a year, of the teeth by the dentist is recommended.

What should we do if we are affected by this disease?

Only a dentist can treat a decayed tooth, once the disease has set in, it is irreversible and cannot be stopped by medication. The disappearance of the pain does not mean that the disease has been stopped.

What will happen if I do not treat a decayed tooth?

Caries is a disease that destroys the tooth. If the tooth is not treated, the destruction can reach the nerve of the tooth, then the root, then the bone. The greater the destruction, the less chance the tooth will have of being preserved in the mouth.

What will happen if the destruction reaches the nerve?

Once the nerve has been reached, the only way to preserve the tooth in the mouth is to do endodontic treatment, which is known as devitalization. (see also endodontics section)

What will happen if the destruction reaches the bone?

In general, the affected bone means that the dental destruction is quite advanced. In the majority of cases, the tooth cannot be saved and must be extracted. (See also the surgery section)

A decayed and cared tooth, can it be decayed again?

Yes, caries affects all dental tissues that are not cleaned. A composite, amalgam, or crown cannot protect the tooth from decay.