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Tooth bleaching is a technique used to lighten the initial color of the tooth.

Although this technique is generally easy and without complications, it is necessary before proceeding, to do a clinical examination in order to have a clean oral cavity (decay’s cleaning, scaling…).

Once these two criteria are met, 2 options are proposed to you:


-A chairside bleaching:

It lasts an average of 45 minutes and provides an instant result.

The protocol for this type of bleaching is very simple, the dentist begins by

protecting  your lips and gums so that only your teeth are exposed, then the dentist applies a whitening gel and leaves it on for 45 minutes, and that’s it!

Your dentist can also suggest that you complete your bleaching with the help of a dental tray and a gel that you will wear for a week.

Advantages :

-Immediate result

-Time saving

For a faster result ,the dentist applies the bleaching gel , and that’s it !


At-home bleaching with trays:

Rest assured, teeth bleaching with trays is just as professional as chairside bleaching  because it is prescribed by a dentist.

, thus guaranteeing you a treatment that is adapted to your needs and a safe follow-u.

However, unlike chairside bleaching, the results are not immediate, but gradually improves during the treatment; teeth shade become lighter after each use.


1-Why do I need to have a bleaching procedure?

You have the impression of having yellow teeth and you wish to have a bright smile?

Bleaching is your miracle solution.

However, you must keep in mind that staining due to cavities or other causes will not disappear with the help of bleaching, hence the need  of a clinical examination.


2-Why does the intensity of whiteness differ from one patient to another?

It is necessary to know that tooth bleaching allows to reach the natural shade of the teeth, determined by the genes of each person, and cannot go beyond this shade.

Each person reacts differently to the treatment, but as a general rule, teeth that are medium yellow before the treatment will have a better chance of reaching a much lighter.


3-Is this procedure safe?

As long as the bleaching is done under the supervision of your dentist with regular monitoring

and proper dosage, bleaching will be safe. However, the treatment is still

prohibited for children and pregnant women.

4-I have teeth sensitivity, can i get them bleached?

Yes !

Depending on your sensitivity, the dentist has many ways to do the bleaching

After the bleaching, my teeth got sensible, what should I do?

some patients experience sensitivities during or after the bleaching (ex: to cold,air…),

but rest assured, this is normal!

Sensitivities dissipate over time, and if they last and start to bother you, your dentist may recommend desensitizing gels.


5- How long does bleaching last?

The result can last from 1 to 2 years on average, depending on oral hygiene and lifestyle habits (tobacco – coffee – alcohol).