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Total Removable Prosthesis

What is a total removable prosthesis ?

The total removable prosthesis is a dental device that aims to replace an arch that is completely devoid of teeth. It restores the patient’s smile, phonation and chewing. It relies on the mucosa to ensure its stability. Once in place, it requires a period of adaptation in the mouth so that it is completely retentive.

What is the temporary removable prosthesis?

The temporary removable prosthesis is a temporary dental device which has the advantage of replacing one or more missing teeth and restoring aesthetics and function while waiting to switch to a fixed device which is the implant or removable which is the stelite. It needs to be readjusted as the gum on which it is placed changes shape.

What is a dental Stellite ?

A dental stellite is a removable device that aims to replace one or more teeth permanently in order to restore the smile and chewing. It uses hooks which may or may not be visible depending on the case.

Dr TSOULI Simohammed