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Partial crowns & full crowns

Partial crowns & full crowns

Partial Crown

By respecting the residual dental tissue, partial crowns allow much less invasive and biomechanically more favorable treatments by leaving intact the dental walls unaffected by decay or fracture. They are classified in Crowns:

  • ¾ Metallic:


  • ¾ Ceramic:


  • The 7/8 ceramic:



Total Crowns:

It is used when the state of decay of the tooth is important, with absence of walls allowing the previous techniques. It is important that there remains a minimum of 2 mm of dental tissue all around the base of the tooth for the fixation of the crown. This small amount of tissue will give us less risk of fracture and ensure greater longevity of the tooth/crown assembly. Crowns can be made of metal, metal and ceramic, or ceramic alone.